When the War Ends

Documentary 35 min.
Director: Thijs Schreuder
Producer: Maarten van der Ven
Co-Producer: Tobias Wilbrink

When the war ends, the struggle begins.’ Every day Robert is confronted with his past: in 1974 he joins the IRA at the age of seventeen. Since then he fights for the separation of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and a reunion with the Irish Republic. Robert sees friends getting killed but is also actively involved in committing bomb attacks… In the Long Kesh prison, Robert gets assaulted regularly. His friends, among them hunger striker Bobby Sands, pull him through. Nowadays life in Belfast is inextricably connected with the struggle. Robert talks about his past, as if it is a distant friend. But with Christmas night approaching, the demons of the past are on a winning streak.

Filmprijs van de Stad Utrecht 2011
(Debuut Prijs Nederlands Film Festival/Debute Award Netherlands Film Festival)

Traler edited by Jeffrey de Vore ​