Sitka, a World of Music

Directors:  Gijs Besseling & Leonard Besseling
Producer:  Tobias Wilbrink
Company:  NU FIlm
Editor:  Annelotte Medema
Duration:  35″ min
Broadcasted by:  NTR Podium
Genre:  Documentary Series

In the small town of Sitka, Alaska, former pupils of the great violinist Jascha Heifetz and cellist Gregor Piatigorsky were invited to play chamber music once a year.
After a tradition of forty years the two good friends Christiaan Bor and Godfried Hoogeveen came to play at the “Sitka Summer Music Festival” for the last time.
The film tells a story about chamber music, intimate friendship and the lasting inspiration of great teachers.

Trailer, edited by Gijs Besseling