Short Film 28 min.
Directors:  Timur Ismailov
Producer:  Maarten van der Ven​
Screenwriter:  Timur Ismailov, Bastiaan Tichler
​Company:  Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie
​Broadcast: VARA
​Editor:  Annelotte Medema

International Award winning film ‘Bingo’ is about a young Gypsy from Moldavia who moved to the Netherlands, searching for happiness.  To survive in the country while he’s being illegal he works in the demolition business with a Russian called Sergej and a man from Chechnya. Unlike his comerads he stays positive and keeps fighting for his dream, earning enough money to build his own house in Moldavia. An accident will put to the proof his opportunism.

Bingo  has won 18 International Awards under which:​

– Tushinski Award, Netherlands Film Festival 2009
– Best Director, Artkino Moscow 2009
​- Special Price of Student Jury and Audience Award VGIK ISFF ​     ​   Russia 2009
– Grand-Prix Alternative 2009
– Best Film Scenes Film Festival, Amersfoort 2009