Beagle, on the future of species (Shipjournals)


Documentary items +/- 5 min
Director:  Danny Noordanus, Annelotte Medema
Company:  VPRO
Episodes:  From Sydney to Capetown
Editor:  Annelotte Medema, Danny Noordanus

‘Directing, writing, recording and editing of the ‘Shipjournals’ together with cameraman Danny Noordanus.
We filmed and edited the episodes on board of the ship ‘The Clipper Stad Amsterdam’ and send them to the Netherlands by Satellite Internet connection.
The Cross Media project, ‘Beagle, on the future of species’ is the first in it’s kind. For 8 months the VPRO crew travelled the same route as Charles Darwin did when he got his ideas about the origin of species. The project included a 36 episode series on television, Schipjournals, short documentaries, that were broadcasted on television an put online, as well as live twitter sessions from the ship and webcams all over the ship that could be watched on the website 24h a day.

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Episode Arrival Melbourne