Ademtocht, de vele gevechten van Maite Hontelé

Short Documentary
Duration: 60 minutes
Director: Marlou van den Berge
Producer: Carolijn Borgdorff
Production Company: Moondocs
Network: NTR
Director of Photography: Adri Schrover
Editor: Annelotte Medema

Festivals: Netherlands Film Festival 2019 in Competition

Dutch Maite Hontelé is a celebrated salsa trumpet player in Colombia. At the height of her fame, she starts struggling with her instrument and herself.

Maite Hontelé, born in Dutch Haaften, already played the trumpet at a young age. As a child, she wanted nothing dearer than to play salsa, the music style that runs through her veins. She pursued her ambition and became a celebrated musician in Colombia with her salsa music. She also became a role model for Latin-American women, who saw Maite as an example of a strong, independent woman. The crowning glory is her albumCuba Linda. But while recording it, something starts to gnaw at Maite. She begins to struggle with the life she is leading.

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